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On-site ultrasounds & lab services

To make medical care as convenient as possible for our patients, Novant Health Southeast OB/GYN offers ultrasounds and lab services in our office for both gynecologic and obstetric patients.


Ultrasounds, also called sonograms, bounce sound waves off of structures in the body to create pictures of those structures. This tool is useful in diagnosing and monitoring certain gynecologic conditions, as well as viewing and monitoring the development of unborn babies. Early ultrasounds in pregnancy are conducted transvaginally, which might cause minimal discomfort. Otherwise, ultrasounds are painless and pose no risk to you or to your unborn child.

For expectant mothers, our office offers both 3d and 4d ultrasounds. You will get a DVD and pictures from your ultrasound so you can share the pictures with family and friends.

On-site lab services

For your convenience, you can have routine labwork drawn in our office. This means you do not have to make a separate appointment or travel to another office to have labwork completed. Labs drawn in our office include complete blood count, blood typing, urinalysis, and blood and urine pregnancy tests.

Please note: You will receive a bill for lab services separate from that for your office visit.



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8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.